1. Request

A user is accessing the web using a native Chrome browser, and explicitly chooses to isolate some website. Alternatively, isolation is initiated automatically based on isolation policies, either via Secure Web Gateway (SWG) integration or via the brwsr Chrome extension.

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  1. Load

Once brwsr detects that this site requires isolation, it redirects the request to the cloud, loading the website in a dedicated cloud browser session.

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  1. Isolate

The cloud browser is running the website in a sandboxed Linux container, keeping it fully isolated from the end-user device and network.

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  1. Deliver

The cloud browser delivers to the user, safe visual data corresponding to the website, providing a full web browsing experience without compromise and without the risk of infection.

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Protect Your Network From Threats with Next-Gen Web Isolation

brwsr isolates web content in the cloud, keeping threats away from your network and devices.
brwsr is web isolation that feels native, so you can work fast and safe.

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